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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Wailord EX

Wailord EX
It is time to feature a new deck that has come to the surface thanks to Primal Clash. Pooka from The Top Cut has made a Wailord EX deck which is a massive of a Pokemon.

Wailord EX has the most HP out of all the Pokemon in the current format. There isn’t much that can knock out Wailord EX’s 250 HP with one hit. So expect this Pokemon to stay around for a long time. Pooka wants to exploit this by taking his time to set up Wailord EX while having things like Aurorus and Hard Charm. That way Wailord can sponge hits while you simply attach energy to it. Manaphy can be used to speed up the energy attachment. Once all is set then you can High Breaching to your heart’s content.

So click below to watch Pooka play Wailord EX!

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