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TCG Jump: Featured Match- White Dragon DRAMPA GX DECK

Drampa GX
Get ready to hit hard with trash and dragons!

Today we have a match featuring two unlikely Pokemon! Garbodor and Drampa GX! These two cards can hit for major damage in the right situation. So get ready to see this with a video from DarkIntegralGaming!

Previous to Guardians Rising, Garbodor was just happy to be on the bench with a Float Stone to turn off abilities. With the release of brand new set that has all changed! Garbodor is now on the front lines using Trashalanche which does more damage for each Item card in your opponent’s discard. This can hit for devastating damage if your opponent is recklessly discarding and using Items. Ultra Ball, VS Seeker, Rare Candy, Trainers’ Mail and Fighting Fury Belt can be used against your opponent to haunt your opponent with a knockout using Garbodor.

Drampa GX makes a great backup attacker in case your opponent doesn’t use any Item cards. This newcomer has an attack call Berserk which does more damage if any of your benched Pokemon are hurt. Simply play down Team Magma’s Secret Base and lay down a Pokemon to put two damage counters on it. Slap on a Choice Band to Drampa GX and you can hit 180 damage on anything in your opponent’s active.

DarkIntegralGaming shows the amazing power of Drampa GX and Garbodor in his video using this deck. There are battles featuring what happens when this deck gets to use huge Trashalanches and when the opponent doesn’t use any items at all. So give this video a watch to see this powerful deck in action!

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