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Pokémon Advanced Box Set Coming in May

Pokemon Advance

Fans of the Hoenn region can rejoice. Pokémon Advanced: The Complete Series, the third generation of the Pokémon Anime, has been announced for release on May 16th.

Viz Media have announced that the five disc box set will be released by Viz Media season, and the set will correspond to the opening theme songs in Region One releases, rather than on the Pokémon Website and in Region Four releases, where it was ordered by standard season.

According to Bulbanews, the back cover on Amazon lists the set as having over 23 hours of content. However, the series (in Viz Media season) is actually much shorter and would only come out to about 15 hours.

This follows after previous seasons of the anime have been released in similar format sporadically over the past three years. There’s also a certain level of irony about the set’s release being in May, given that a character named May is a main protagonist in the story, but no one knows if the powers that be thought of this when announcing the date.

Pokémon Advanced: The Complete Series is available in Region one (US/North American) format May 16th.

Source: Viz Media/Bulbanews

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