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Time for Dialga in Pokemon GO!

Dialga Time
It is now time for Dialga to go!

Into Level 5 raids! That is right, there is going to be a change in Level 5 Raids as Latias and Palkia leave and give time for Dialga.

When the clock strikes 1PM PST in a few hours then it will ring in the start of Dialga in Level 5 raids. This Dragon and Steel type Pokemon will boost strong Dragon and Steel attacks. If you have a strong Ground and Fighting type Pokemon then you will have a chances against this Legendary Pokemon. So pull out your Machamp and Groudon as these guys will be your best counters against Dialga.

Dialga will clock in starting March 1st, today, at 1pm PST and won’t clock out until March 28. So make sure to go out and catch Dialga before time runs out!

Happy catching!

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