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URPG Times: Story of the Month-June

URPG Times

This Edition we have Story of the Month by the talented Seppe!

Catching Pokémon via Stories has always been a part of Pokémon Ultra RPG, and, throughout the years, many wonderful tales have been told by writers of all kind. An aspiring author needs only the will to write and an imagination (and we all have one of those!), then he or she may submit nearly any kind of Pokémon story for the capture. Although the rules on writing for ‘mons may have changed over the years, the desire to create art is immutable, and this shows in the number and quality of beautiful stories that URPGers produce every month.

“On Again/Off Again, Episode 1: Pilot” by Elrond 2.0 is just one of the many stories submitted this past May, but it is a good one. In it, we see a day in the life of Austin, highly skilled Pokémon Trainer and highly unskilled boyfriend. Like many kids his age, he has good intentions but horrible priorities. Still, it’s hard not to sympathize with Austin as he goes through misadventures with his superficial family and overbearing girlfriend.

The story takes place in Kalos, and Elrond does a splendid job making that fact apparent to readers through descriptive scenery. High-class restaurants and wealthy towns are contrasted with the untouched wilderness that every Pokémon fan is familiar with. Even smaller details, such as a character’s clothes and mannerisms, are touched upon, giving life to the scenes that Elrond has written. With such meaningful characterization and close attention to detail, this story is more than worthy of being URPG’s Story of the Month.

And remember, this story is only the beginning! As the title implies, this is only the first chapter of a larger, episodic story. Stay tuned and you might hear more from Austin!

If you’d like to read “On Again/Off Again, Episode 1: Pilot” by Elrond 2.0, you can do so HERE

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