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VIDEO: The Pokémedley (A Pokémon Mashup)

Get ready to give your ears a gift!

Today we are giving you guys a video that your ears will love! We are spotlighting a video by FreddeGredde! This video shows off the one man band that is FreddeGredde! By playing a mega mashup of Pokemon music from all generations!

What do we mean by a mega mashup of Pokemon music? FreddeGredde is playing songs from all generations as one giant song! It is an amazing listen to see how he goes from one song to another with a single musical cue. You would be amazed at how Wild Kanto Pokemon Battles leads right into the Rival Battle theme from Generation 5. It flows just perfectly! You wouldn’t believe it! What is even more amazing is that FreddeGredde plays each instrument and vocal in the song! From the flute, accordion to trumpets! FreddeGredde does it all!

Take a minute from your busy holiday bustle! And listen to this musical masterpiece! And the rest of FreddeGredde’s great works!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! !

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