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VIDEO: Pokémon Alola League | Review

Alola League

If you are a fan of the anime then do know that spoilers are ahead! Especially if you are watching the anime via Disney XD! You have been warned! Either way, get ready for some awesome times in the anime!

The Alola Pokemon League arc has recently concluded in the Pokemon anime that is airing in Japan. This league was filled with many awesome battles and exciting moments. One of the top moments was Ash finally winning the title of Pokemon League Champion. A title that has always eluded him.

There have been plenty of talk about the events of the Alola Pokemon League arc. Today we want to feature the talk of Lumiose Trainer Zac! He covers all the action that happen in each episode of the anime. This is a great way to recap what happen or just get a sneak peek for what to come. Either way, you will love this review! You will love the passion behind Zac’s words as he goes over what he love about each episode!

Go ahead and watch Zac’s review below. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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