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Adventures Week Returns to GO

Adventure Week
Turn those stones for a new adventure!

Niantic has announced the second annual Adventure Week! There will be plenty of rocks for trainers to search out for when it comes to Pokemon and new discoveries!

Adventure Week starts today, May 24 at 1:00, and will last until June 5. You can expect to see plenty of Geodude, Lileep, Nosepass and other Rock type Pokemon in the wild. Raids will also reflect this by having Rock type Pokemon in them such as Shuckle.

You can expect other incentives such as boosted candy for your Buddy Pokemon. This boost can lead up until four times candy for your Buddy Pokemon. You can also expect a boost in XP when you spin photo disks at PokeStops and Gyms. If you spin a disc at a gym that you have never been to before then it will be up to ten times more XP.

Make sure to get out there and have an adventure during this year’s Adventure Week!

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