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Crossroads Comics #129-PMD: Falling Twilight

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at PMD: Falling Twilight. PMD: Falling Twilight is a webcomic based on a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Nuzlocke run done by the comic’s author, Silentstrike. It features the main characters of Dawn, a human turned Skitty, and Dusk, a Riolu who recently ran away from Wigglytuff’s Guild. The two become fast friends as they join the guild Dusk fled from, and it seems like nothing can stop them now, but is that really true? Or are their fates set it stone with no way to be changed? You’ll just have to read the comic to find out!

One thing that I really like about PMD: Falling Twilight is that our protagonist, Dawn, appears to be unable to speak or understand others. So even though Dusk is able to speak to her, Dawn is unable to understand anything that Dusk is saying. It makes for a very interesting dynamic and one that is often left unexplored in most Pokémon Mystery Dungeon comics. In fact, the only comic that I have ever seen broach the subject as well is another PMD: Sky inspired story, PMD: On Borrowed Time, and even this story, which originally made the protagonist, Rune, completely mute for the duration of the story, has now gifted Rune her voice after some time. Thus, it’s really exciting to see how this will work out and how the two will end up communicating with each other, especially during missions. Non-verbal communication via expressions, ears, etc. are going to be play a large role, and a comic is the perfect medium to explore that!

In addition, while this is meant to be a PMD: Sky inspired story, the author has stated that there will be some changes to the original narrative. Given what we’ve seen thus far, I’m excited to see what Silentstrike has in mind and how the nuzlocke is incorporated into all of this, if at all. Silentstrike also authors another webcomic titled Pokémon Quest for Truth that also looks rather interesting. Both of these stories have a lot of potential with the narratives and directions they are taking, and I’m looking forward to seeing where they do.

And without further ado, let’s check out the rest of this week’s lineup!

Crossroads Comics
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PMD: Explorers of Life It seems Grey is being overwhelmed!
PMD: Lotus Hooray! The stairs!
Pokémon: Shadow of the Sun Swift and graceful destruction!
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Renegade’s Redemption Seems like a pretty genuine offer to me.
The Shaymin Café Well that was very nice of her.

ComicFury Comics
Autumn in Sinnoh You’d think Palkia would surely have something interesting going on.
Clash of Poke-Characters And with that, the battle has reached its conclusion.
PMD: Falling Twilight I wonder which one they have located.
PMD: Mitigation And that’s the end of the chapter!
PMD: White Rose Seems Darkrai has ulterior motives.
PMDU – Pokeadventures Hmm… I wonder why that have that reputation.
Slumber Town Oh come now, that’s just rude.
The Long Way Oh no…

Deviantart Comics
Champion’s Mercy Doesn’t this lady know spying is rude?
Change of Pace Ooh are they practicing a contest routine?
Deadly Syns Poor Green doesn’t deserve this…
French’s FireRed Nuzlocke The gang’s all back together!
For What It’s Worth Well that didn’t go over well.
Penumbra That cryptic message…. what could it mean?
Pokémon Explorers Comic Seems Maureen has a heart of gold, or something close to it, after all!
PMD: Mystic Island A snivy has washed up on the shore of an island! Build the helicopter to rescue them and save the day in Lego City!
PMD: Outlanders Such is the life of a traveling salesman yeah?
Undertow Accurate portrayal of pollen allergies.

Off-site Comics
Ask a Shiny Jolteon Well at least that thick coat helps against the cold!
Ask Glorious Guild Well they tried at least, haha.
Ask Mew Point Five Glad we got those introductions out of the way!
Ask Smart Uxie These Uxie designs are so cute.
Pandorask Not everyone is built for the cold weather, but the ones that are aren’t bothered by anything.
Poke-Mononoke Seems the Vulpix didn’t really want to answer that.
Team Pirates Time doesn’t always heal the wounds left by trauma.
The Void Between Worlds Well at least Rime isn’t hurt from the fall.

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