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Pokemon to Postpone World Championships for 2021

Worlds 2021
The Pokemon World Championships for 2021 will now be in 2022.

Play! Pokemon has now made the official announcement that the Pokemon World Championships for 2021 will be pushed back until 2022. This is the second time that Worlds has been pushed back. Originally the World Championships were suppose to happen in London during 2020. Though, due to the situation around the world involving COVID, it was decided to be pushed back until 2021. After considering the COVID situation around the world, it was best for the safety of all involved to push the event to 2022.

The World Championships will still take place in London. This is to be a celebration for the release of Sword & Shield being based in England.

Competitors and fans have been speculating that Worlds 2021 was going to be postpone once again. This speculation was mostly due to the current situation regarding COVID and vaccines. Currently the location where Worlds in London was going to take place, ExCeL London, is a vaccination center. There is no word on how long it will be used to distribute vaccinations but it is expected to be an ongoing process.

Play! Pokemon has promised that any invites for the original Worlds 2020 will be honored for when Worlds return in 2022. They have also promise that the event will be bigger and better then ever. As in the worlds of Pokemon, “An expanded celebration of Pokémon competition”.

Competitive events are still currently on hold. There has been no word on when they will return.

Please stay safe trainers by wearing a mask in public and avoid large gatherings. That way we can all enjoy the spirit of competition in a safe environment.

Source: Pokemon

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