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Give a Review! Give the Charity! #Reviews4Good

Postcards from Pearl
Want to show your favorite podcast some love and donate to charity?

Then we have the opportunity for you! Head over to Podchaser for their second annual #Reviews4Good Charity event!

Until April 30th, if you give a podcast and episode a review on Podchaser then they will give 25 cents to Meals on Wheels! To sweeten the pot event more! Podchaser will double that amount if the podcaster replies back to the review!

Review a Podcast!

Plenty of your favorite Pokemon podcasts that can be found on Podchaser! Some of my personal favorites include Postcards from Pearl by Quest Company Junior! If you want to give them a review to start your donation drive then click here!

Below are a list of plenty of other great and amazing podcasts that you can review!

Pokemon Adventures into the Millennium
Critical Ditto
Pokemon World Tour United
Pokemon Seicho
Pokemon Rollout
Boarding Party’s Pokemon DnD
Critical Hitmonlee
It’s Super Effective
Lured Up
Gotta Watch’em All!
Special Conditions
EXP. Share
PUCL Podcast
Pokemon GO Radio
Pokemon GO Podcast

What are you waiting for? Get to reviewing! That way you can give some love to your favorite podcast and donate to Meals on Wheels!

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