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Brilliant Prerelease Promos for Brilliant Stars!

Brilliant Stars promos
I hope you too find these prerelease promos to be brilliant!

The prerelease promos for Brilliant Stars have finally been revealed! Each one of these promos look to be strong contenders for cards that you will want to use in a prerelease and beyond.


Moltres will be a hot card if you plan to jump on the Fire bandwagon. Fire decks are expected to get some much needed support with the upcoming Brilliant Stars set. If you are planning to build a Fire deck then you will want to have Moltres in your deck.

Moltres can attack for a single Fire energy. It’s Inferno Wing attack does a base 20 damage. Though, if it has damage counters on it then it will do an additional 70 damage. That is a total of 90 damage! You will be able to do some quick and heavy damage with Moltres for just a single Fire energy.

Though, how will you get damage on Moltres? You will want to play Magma Basin. This new Stadium card allows you to attack a Fire energy from your discard onto a Benched Pokemon. If you do so then it puts two damage counters on the Pokemon. Sounds perfect if you want to combo with Moltres.


It looks as if Bibarel wants some of the spotlight that Bidoof has gotten recently. If so then Bibarel has succeed! That is because Bibarel has gotten an ability that allows you to draw cards until you have five cards in your hand. This will help players who you want a quick and easy way to draw cards in their hand without the use of a Supporter of Crobat V.

Bibarel’s new ability will also be helpful with Ultra Ball coming back in the format. You can easily get rid of two cards to get a Pokemon that you need. Once you have done that then you can draw even more cards!


Trade is back! This time on Liepard!

Liepard may end up reminding some players of Zoroark GX. That is because it has the Trade ability. If you discard a card from your hand, then you can draw two cards from your deck. Sounds like a pretty great trade, right?

Liepard may not have an impressive attack though most likely you will be playing it for the Trade ability. This may be something that Eternatus VMAX decks may want to consider in their deck to get some good draw power outside of Crobat V.


Do you love Lucario and want a good attacker for single prize? Then we have the Lucario for you!

This Lucario has the Roaring Resolve ability. You can put two damage counters on Lucario. If you do that then you can search your deck for a Fighting energy to attack on to Lucario.

Once you have done this a few times, then you can do massive damage with Continuous Aura Sphere. This attack does 10 damage plus 60 for all the Fighting energy that you discard off of Lucario.

You may not be able to fight long with Lucario due to the little amount of HP it will have left after a few Roaring Resolve. Though, if you want a single prize deck that can duke out damage then Lucario is here for you.

Brilliant Stars prereleases are expected to run from February 11th to 20th. Contact your local game store for more details.

Brilliant Stars will be release on February 25th.

Source: PokeBeach

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