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Pokemon GO’s Friendship Day Update

friendship day mystery
Fans may have just discovered that Friendship day is hiding a secret surprise!

The first ever Friendship Day is right around the corner. The event is based around catching grass-types and trading with friends. But the real bonus is the massive amount of XP that can be earned during the 3-hour time frame. While we don’t know fully, how much XP is up for grabs, we did get an update from Niantic, stating that the reward for completing the Collection Challenge has been increased from 100,000 XP to 175,000 XP. For more details on Friendship Day check out the article here.

Who’s That Pokémon

In other news, fans may have found a secret, hidden in the promo art for Friendship Day. As is common, Pokemon Fans like to inspect every trailer and promo art that is released, in hopes of finding little easter eggs that are almost always hidden if you look hard enough. This time, that digging has potentially paid off.

Directly above Tangela seems to be a camouflaged Kecleon hidden between the trees. Kecleon has been missing from the Pokémon GO Pokédex from years. No one knows why Niantic has taken so long to implement the Color Swap Pokémon. Maybe it was to hard to balance it’s ability in battle? Or getting an invisible Pokémon to appear in the over world might have been to challenging? Some “funny people” say Kecleon was there the whole time, you just can’t see him. Whatever the case may be, you might not have to wait much longer to catch your very own Kecleon.

See you around, Genesect!

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