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VIDEO: The Long History of Nintendo

Love Hotel
Do you know everything about Nintendo?

Then how about you watch this series of videos that we are spotlighting today! This week we are taking a detour from focusing on Pokemon and facing the big boss! Nintendo!

We have a trio of videos from Hook talking about the history of Nintendo. From their humble beginnings of making Hanafuda cards to creating the biggest names in video games. After you watch this first video, you will be hooked to see the full story behind Nintendo and their raise to fame.

Nintendo almost shut down. Then a janitor saved them

Nintendo’s history is so big that it takes three videos! And Hook starts at the beginning in 1889! When Nintendo was known for making Hanafuda cards and nothing else.

Already in this start, Nintendo was proving that they were willing to try wild and crazy ideas to move ahead of the crowd. From starting a love hotel to partnering with Disney. Though, as the title says, their biggest leap of faith into crazy ideas started with trusting a janitor.

How Nintendo Turned a Calculator into Their First Console

In Hook’s next video showcasing the history of Nintendo, we move closer and closer to what we know Nintendo for.

Video games.

Though there is a long path to take to create their first real hit. Plenty of trust was given by Nintendo’s big head. From the janitor to a new family member. Though, at the end of the video you will recognize a name that every Nintendo fan would know.

Strap in because Nintendo was about to make their first big hit but with plenty of bumps on the road.

The Forgotten Consoles That Launched Nintendo

The last and final video in Hook’s Nintendo series talks about what finally made Nintendo the big hit that it is now. You may think you know the full history but Hook’s video will surely teach you something new about Nintendo.

The climb to the top was hard but Nintendo did a lot of crazy things. Some of these things may seem normal now but they were certainly crazy back then. It only proved that Nintendo knows how to harness crazy and keeps on doing that to make them the company that they are today.

And that is only the tip of the iceberg. How crazy does it sound like to go into Soviet Russia in order to get a video game?

Join Hook one last time to see how this company made the systems that you know and love along with creating some of the biggest franchises such as Pokemon.

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