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More PokeToons are Coming!

Want to see more cool Pokemon ‘toons’?

Then you are in luck! More is coming from PokeToon! The Official Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel will be releasing more entries into the PokeToon series of animated shorts. Each short will feature a unique animation style alongside a feature Pokemon.

Perhaps you remember PokeToons from a short that was released last year. This short involved a Scraggy and Mimikyu in the style of classic Looney Tunes. Last week, a PokeToon was release featuring a Pancham who wanted to become a hero.

Below is the list of titles of upcoming PokeToon shorts.

  • “Wait Here, Magikarp!”
  • “A Budding Dream”
  • “I Turned Into a Gengar!”
  • “The Warm and Cozy Slugma House”

There is no word on when these shorts will be released. They do promise that the shorts will be release at at “steady pace”. There is also no word if these shorts will be release in English or another other language.

Hopefully you can keep an eye out for when these PokeToon shorts are released. They all look rather sweet and interesting.

Source: Dogasu on Twitter

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