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Pokemon GO Radio! Another Great Year on the Air!

Pokemon GO Radio
Celebrating another year of Pokemon GO and podcasting!

Nar and SALT are two brothers who love to mess with each other. They have a friendly competitive spirit to always one up the other. It doesn’t help that they are twins who need to show the other who is better. Though, they have come together to make a podcast about Pokemon GO! And now they celebrate another year on the air!

Pokemon GO Radio has been playing the best hits from Pokemon GO for three years! Nar and SALT have manage the mic during these great years by producing awesome podcast episodes to give the community tips, tricks and providing that sense of community within the Pokemon GO fanbase. May it be with their PvP Radio League or just encouraging their fans to send great emails. Fans love sending them their Catch of the Week. Though, sometimes they get away and make it into the “Mon that go away”. You may even get to hear about a funny meme and plenty of puns. Either way, there are plenty of laughs as you get to hear about each brother doing their best to be radio tower for the Pokemon GO fans.

We have reached out to the Pokemon GO Radio brothers to get their top favorite episodes. These guys did a great job in picking episodes that fit who they are. If you are a fan then go ahead and take a trip down memory lane! New? Then take a listen to this top 5 of PGR’s greatest hits!

Episode 1: Welcome to Pokemon Go Radio- It was a miracle this thing ever got made. The audio quality is terrible, but I think the passion is evident.

Episode 6: How Gyms Work & Sightings Changes- We had Glenn Weldon on from NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour after we were briefly featured on that show in the amazing “what’s making us happy” segment. Glenn was a great guest, but we really didn’t understand how important that plug was for our show.

Episode 52: Pokemon Go Fest Fallout & the Aftermath- This was just our raw reactions to Pokemon Go Fest a few hours after it happened. It was a glorious train wreck.

Episode 96: The Water Festival & Niantic Responds to #GoSquirtleSquad- We made a strong push to get Squirtle some sunglasses for Community Day. A LOT of people were calling for this, but it really felt like our show was influencing the discussion.

Episode 147: Go Fest 2019 Recap- This was our third Go Fest recap and SALT was finally back fully on the show after six months of training. It really felt like our show passed a milestone.

Here to another year of Pokemon GO Radio being on the air! Hitting the ones and twos 52 weeks of the year! Make sure to wish a happy anniversary to Pokemon GO Radio on Twitter! You can also hit up Nar and SALT on Twitter to let them know that you love their work! Happy anniversary Pokemon GO Radio for many more years!

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