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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Green’s ReshiZard

Let heat things up with a hot battle!

We are only a few days away from Worlds! And today we are looking at a hot deck that just keeps getting hotter! This deck brings the heat and we want to show you! That is why we are looking at Green’s ReshiZard that is being played by AzulGG!

The Deck Basics

ReshizardGreen’s Reshiram & Charizard GX focus on using Green’s Exploration to search up needed cards. That way you can power up your Reshiram & Charizard GX with other cards such as Welder.

The deck is pretty simple to play. Your best start is to have Volcanion in the active and going second. Usually going second is a bad thing but here it is the best! That is because you can for a single energy attachment use Volcanion’s Flare Starter. This single attack normally allows you to attach one Fire Energy from your deck onto a Pokemon. Though, if you go second then Volcanion’s Flare Starter lets you attach three Fire Energy on to any Pokemon. That target tends to be ReshiZard GX.

From there it is ride or die! Either you attach another Fire Energy and attack with Volcanion’s High Heat Blast for 110 damage. Your other option is just go into ReshiZard GX and just start swinging.

ReshiZard GX is a pretty awesome card due to the ability to hit hard with little set up. If you want to try for a quick knockout then Double Blaze can do that for three energy. Anything under 200 HP is going to be knocked out. If you want to do a little bit more damage with Double Blaze to take a knockout then that is possible. Just wait another turn to attach three extra Fire Energy to hit for 600 damage. That is able to knockout any Pokemon in the game.

Though, ReshiZard GX will most likely use Flare Strike. This attack can knockout almost anything in the game. You may need to wait between turns to use it again. Though, if you play enough Switch in your deck then chaining Flare Strike every turn isn’t hard.

The use of Green’s Exploration is amazing in this deck. You are not playing any Pokemon that has abilities in this deck. That means that you will always have access to any Trainer card in your deck. If you need to heal up ReshiZard GX then you have that option to grab Mixed Herbs. Need some Custom Catcher to get back a fleeing Pokemon? Then Green’s Exploration will get you those cards. The combos with Green’s Exploration are almost endless!

The Match

Now that you have heard about the hot power of ReshiZard GX, it is time to see it in battle! AzulGG has done a few battles using ReshiZard GX and you will see how hot this deck can get!

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