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Pokemon Movie 17 Announced And PokeBank

Movie 16
CoroCoro leaks have revealed the title of the next Pokemon movie for Japan. The current title for the movie is Broken Cocoon or Cocoon of Destruction (Translation Pending) and is set to be released on July 19, 2014. The movie will feature Xerneas, Yveltal, and most of the Mega Evolutions based on the movie poster.

Also revealed in CoroCoro was the return of Brigette. She was a character from the game, Pokemon Box: Ruby and Sapphire. This time Brigette will act as the controller for the Pokemon Bank which will be release in two weeks. It was also revealed that you will gain PokeMiles when Pokemon are transferred. Lastly, if certain Pokemon like Genesect and Kyurem are transfer then it will trigger a special event or thing with the Hiker in Ambrette Town and Punk Girl in Kiloude City.

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