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TCG Jump: Featured Card- Dawn Wings Necrozma GX

Dawn Wings Necrozma GXTime to get spooky with this card!

It has been a long time since we have featured a card on this column. We are deep into the Forbidden Light meta with a few weeks until North American Internationals. We are seeing Buzzwole GX take a hold of the game with Zoroark GX taking a backseat. So who will swoop in to save us? There are a few options that we can look at. That is why I decided to pick one of those options that will surely put a dark light on those Buzzwole GX decks. This Pokemon will cast dark shadows upon your opponent as it can be used a supporter and tech. That is why we are looking at Dawn Wings Necrozma GX!

Dawn Wings Necrozma GX is a Basic Psychic Pokemon from Ultra Prism. It is classified as an Ultra Beast Pokemon with 180 HP. This Pokemon has an ability call Invasion which allows DW Necrozma GX to switch into the active once per turn. When attacking, this Pokemon has an attack call Dark Flash that cost three Psychic energy. This attack does 120 damage and isn’t affected by Resistance. DW Necrozma GX has an GX attack call Moon’s Eclipse GX. This attack cost three Psychic energy and does 180 damage. You can only use this GX attack if you are behind on prizes. Once you use this GX attack then it will prevent the effects and dmage of attacks during your opponent’s next turn. It has a weakness to Darkness Pokemon and resist Fighting. DW Necrozma GX has a two energy retreat cost.

The Pros

BuzzwoleDawn Wings Necrozma GX original positive trait was the Invasion ability. This ability would allow DW Necrozma GX to switch your active with itself. You can then attached a Float Stone to give DW Necrozma GX free retreat. This gave some decks some nifty options such as recharging after big attacks.

This card also gives decks a free retreat option when your opponent tries to trap a heavy Pokemon in the active.

Now that a few new options have enter the game thanks to Forbidden Light, DW Necrozma GX can do more then just swoop in to retreat! This card can now attack with using Dark Flash!

Dark Flash only does 120 damage and won’t be taking knockouts. Though, when you apply weakness then it can knockout some pretty big foes. One of those foes include Buzzwole GX which has been taking the game by storm. All you have to do is attach three Psychic energy on to DW Necrozma GX and then Invasion into the active. Next use Dark Flash and your opponent’s active Buzzwole GX is gone!

What also helps against Buzzwole GX is that DW Necrozma GX has a resistance to Fighting type Pokemon. That will make it even harder to knockout when your opponent is trying to take a revenge KO. They will need to find a way to do an extra twenty damage to overcome that minus 20 resistance. Essentially, DW Necrozma GX has 200 HP when going against any Fighting type decks.

The Cons

Zoroark GX'One of the main cons is the energy cost to use Dark Flash. Three Psychic energy can be a lot to put on one Pokemon. Especially when most of the time this Pokemon will be used as a pivot.

Another problem that DW Necrozma GX has is that once it is knockout, it can mess up your ability to recharge your attack. If a deck depends on DW Necrozma GX’s Invasion ability then they will be stuck for a bit when it comes to recharging and reusing attacks.

Lastly, DW Necrozma GX will not like facing any Zoroark GX decks. The dark fox Pokemon may see less use but it is still around. Zoraork GX can eat up a DW Necrozma GX if it can trap one in the active. That can easily be done with a Guzma which is something DW Necrozma GX won’t like. This will force the DW Necrozma GX player to decide how many they will need to use. Especially if they know that DW Necrozma GX can easily get knocked out by Zoroark GX.

How to Use It

You will mostly use Dawn Wings Necrozma GX for the Invasion-Float Stone tactic in decks that run Malamar. Decks that run Malamar tend to use Ultra Necrozma GX or Necrozma GX as the main attackers. Both of these Pokemon involve discarding Psychic energy to do huge amounts of damage.

MalamarThe role of DW Necrozma GX is to rush into the active to allow Ultra Necrozma GX or Necrozma GX to get Psychic energy from the discard by using Malamar’s Psychic Recharge ability. This ability allows Malamar to take one Psychic energy from the Discard and attach it to one Benched Pokemon. A few of these on the bench can get Ultra Necrozma GX or Necrozma GX ready to attack again with DW Necrozma GX being an important pivot. Simply use Invasion to jump into the active to give these guys a quick Psychic Recharge!

You may need to attack with DW Necrozma GX. Especially if you are playing this Pokemon in an Ultra Necrozma GX deck. That is because you want to have something that can quickly knockout a few Buzzwole GX. DW Necrozma GX can hit Buzzwole GX for weakness and is able to rush into the active. The resistance helps as well to soak up hits as your opponent tries to power up another Buzzwole GX.

Lastly, DW Necrozma GX has a powerful GX attack in the form of Moon’s Eclipse GX. This attack does 180 damage which can knockout most GX Pokemon. It also provides protection for the following turn. If you time it right then you can take a knockout while also protecting your DW Necrozma GX for another turn to attack again. DW Necrozma GX can give Ultra Necrozma GX or Necrozma GX decks a powerful GX attack that can take one hit KOs.

Better watch the night sky because Dawn Wings Necrozma GX can bring darkness during your game if you are not careful. It can do this by bringing in a powerful Pokemon to attack or attack using it’s own power. Either way, this Pokemon is can set the game in your favor in the right match.

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