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Nominate Your Favorite Pokemon Tabletop Podcast!

Audio Verse Awards
Do you love Tabletop Podcasts and awards?

Then we want you to nominate your favorite Pokemon Tabletop Podcast for the 2020 Audio Verse Awards!

The Audio Verse Awards is a celebration to the audio fiction of media! Also known as story type podcasts such as Tabletop podcasts. If you have been following our Podcast Central column then you would know that the Pokemon Tabletop section has the biggest amount of podcasts under it with over ten! All of them are amazing in their own right and way. Some of them have been podcasting for almost five years while others have only been around for less than a year.

If you have a Pokemon tabletop podcast that you want to nominate for AVA then do it! Many of these Pokemon Tabletop podcasts are so amazing that they can be nominated for several awards under AVA. These podcasts can be nominated for Sound Design, Performance and Player, Production and Audio Play! Simply pick a podcast and nominate them for one of these many awards!

Need a list of all the Pokemon Tabletop podcasts? Then you could check out our Tabletop Special that was release during Pokemon Podcast Appreciation Month.

Though, here is a more up-to-date list featuring some that were not included in our PPA Month feature.

Pokemon Mind & Body
Trainer 2 Trainer
Not a Scratch
Cubones & Catacombs
MCGamesFAP: PokeMoms
Disaster League
Pokemon World Tour: United
Postcards from Pearl (Quest Company Junior)
Critical Ditto
The Roaring Trainers
Pokemon Rollout
Pokemon: Adventures into the Millennium
2’s Company
Reckless Rollers
Critical Hit-monlee
Mystery Dungeons & Darkrais

If you are ready to nominate then go ahead and click here! You will have until Sunday, September 30th to nominate your favorite Pokemon Tabletop Podcasts!

Editor’s Thoughts

I can’t tell you who to vote for because there will be some clear bias. I will tell you that Jonah from Postcards from Pearl was the one who told me about the AVAs. What else can be told about Postcards from Pearl is that they have only been around for a year but have maybe one of the most entertaining stories and characters around.

If you want an old favorite then there is always Pokemon World Tour: United. They are one of the oldest Pokemon tabletop podcasts. Though, they are entering their final round of their tour of amazing battles, friends and adventures.

Critical Ditto is another new one but they have spunk that makes them quite entertaining. That is thanks to their friendships as players but a sense of improv that is like no other.

Another good old one is Pokemon Rollout where you got a good bunch of friends. They also spotlight great characters and a DM that has almost everything planned out.

A newer podcast that is set up in the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon will be Not a Scratch. This podcast is newer on my listen list but I find myself coming back each week for the next episode.

Another older Pokemon Tabletop podcast to nominate would be Pokemon: Adventures into the Millennium. This close bunch of friends have been running their campaign for a few years and just had an amazing act closer. They certainly live up to their “Not your dad’s Pokemon tabletop” tagline. Though, I will let them do the talking for me.

Best of luck and make sure to nominate your favorite Pokemon Tabletop podcast TODAY!

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