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VIDEO: Obscure Pokemon Cutscenes You’ve Never Seen

Obscure Cut Scenes
Did you know that Clair can refuse to give you a Gym Badge?

Now, we are not talking about something that normally happens. Something that is part of her sore loser routine that she does in the game.

Clair will refuse to give you the Gym Badge. All because you decided to not go into Dragon’s Den and instead do one simple thing.

What is that thing? And what other weird and unusual cutscenes will happen in certain Pokemon games? All of this and more can be seen in a video we are featuring by BlueBoyPhin. They are going to show you cutscenes that you may never get to see! For various reasons. Perhaps they are rare. Maybe because you just haven’t played the game enough times. Whatever the reasons, now will be your chance to see these rare cutscenes!

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