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Prepared to be schooled in Pokémon Masters!

A new trainer is coming soon!

Shortly after Professor Kukui’s arrival in Pokémon Masters, another Professor is set to join the ranks of possible trainers for you to use. A trailer released this morning reveals that the next spotlight or event will be focused on Professor Oak. This event and/or spotlight will be kicked off on February 14, though for the first time in a little while we have no idea what Pokémon the professor will be paired with.

What Pokémon do you want to see paired with Professor Oak? Internet theories speculate it could be any of the potential team members from the secret lost Professor Oak battle, including Exeggutor and Tauros, with other popular theories stating it will be Venusaur since Red has Charizard. There’s even a few whispers that say his partner will be the elusive mythical Pokémon Mew. So what do you think? Be sure to watch the release trailer below as well to join in on the hype!

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