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Championship Points for Worlds Announced!

Championship Points
A finish line has been set for those who want a Worlds Invite!

Play! Pokemon has finally announced the Championship Points requirement to earn a Worlds Invite. Those who battle hard all season long at Regionals, League Cups and more can get the chance for a World Invite. That means they placed well to earn Championship Points and meet the requirement to qualify for the most prestigious tournament in Pokemon, the Pokemon World Championships.

Below is the breakdown for Points for the TCG and VGC based on their division.

Trading Card Game

Rating ZoneJuniorSeniorMasters
US and Canada350400550
Latin America250250250
South Africa150150250

Players from Japan and South Korea will be awarded both Friday invitations and Day Two invitations as determined by each country’s organized play system.

It is worth noting that the Championship Points from players in North America jumped drastically compare to the 2017-2018 season. Last season the point requirement was 400. This year it is 550.

The change must have happen in order to make the invitation much more prestigious and ensure that players with a certain skill level compete at the World tournament. This change in point value could also help balance out the amount of North American players compare to the rest of the world. After all, it is a world tournament and Pokemon may want to have an equal representation of Pokemon players from all over the world.

Video Game Championships

Rating ZoneJuniorSeniorMasters
US and Canada200250400
Latin America200250400
South Africa100150200

Pokemon has the right to adjust and change the point requirement needed for an invite to Worlds. This could be based on the amount of points gathered by players during the season.

Best of luck to those who are chasing after a Worlds invite!

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