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Changes to Resistances Coming to TCG

Pikachu TCG
There will be more changes coming to the TCG with Sword & Shield.

We are slowly seeing cards from Japan of the first Sword & Shield TCG era. Though, some of these new cards are revealing changes coming to the Pokemon TCG regarding Resistance. These changes includes the removal of a resistance and a buff to Resistance.

Removal of Resistance

A new Pikachu promo card shows that Lightning Pokemon will lose their Resistance to Metal Pokemon.

Lightning type Pokemon were given a Metal resistance to match their video game counterpart in the Diamond & Pearl TCG era. Prior to this, there was no Metal resistance for Lightning Pokemon.

This Pikachu promo will be given out to players who pre-order Sword & Shield from 7-11 on their online store.

New Resistance Buff

Rayquaza tcg card
A new Rayquaza card will be release in the Sword & Shield “V Starter Decks” that shows the new Resistance buff. This Rayquaza card will have a resistance to Fighting types that takes off 30 damage from attacks.

This new buff for resistance is different from the current damage that is taken away from attacks. Normally resistance only removes 20 damage. Now with the release of Sword & Shield TCG era, there will be 30 damage reduction by attacks from resisted Pokemon.

This isn’t the first time Resistance removed 30 damage from attacks. The last time we saw this in the TCG was during the Ruby & Sapphire ex era of the game during the mid 2000s. It was changed to reduce damage by 20 during the Diamond and Pearl era of the TCG.

There are some changes coming to the Pokemon TCG! Make sure to stay tune for any more changes that will be done! Best of luck to the TCG players!

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