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Detective Pikachu TCG Review and Pack Opening!

Detective Pikachu
Lets take a look at some cards from the Detective Pikachu TCG set!

As part of the push for the Detective Pikachu movie, a special TCG mini-set was release for the movie. This mini-set was release back in April through several different box sets. Trainers were given the chance to collect TCG cards that used the Pokemon models from the Detective Pikachu.

And now we are going to take a look at some of these amazing products that feature these great looking cards! That is all thanks to The Pokemon Company International! Recently they sent us at Pokemon Crossroads some of the special Detective Pikachu TCG products.

Some of these special Detective Pikachu TCG sets included the following:

  • Detective Pikachu Case File
  • Detective Pikachu Charizard GX Case File
  • Detective Pikachu Greninja GX Case File
  • Detective Pikachu: Mewtwo GX Case File

Product Look

Let me get this out of the way. These boxes look amazing. They are different any of the previous TCG gift boxes and are full of character.

You can open up each box set and see different things inside it. It really feels like you are opening up a case file for an ongoing case.

If you open up the Greninja Case File then you can see some takeout in the corner. It looks as if somebody was looking over this file during dinner.

The Charizard Case File has some coffee stains on it. Looks like this case was being worked on during a late night patrol.

If you want one negative then that will be in the Mewtwo Case File. This one uses the same background that the Charizard Case File used. Granted, it looks as if each Case File background is just one big image that is used to fit the the Greninja and Charizard Case File as they see fit. Though, as mention before, these case file boxes look amazing due to the fact they have a feel of being real documents.

The plus to the Mewtwo Case File is that the redacted documents feel as if they fit better with Mewtwo. After all, Mewtwo is a result of genetic experimentation. Mewtwo’s role in the Detective Pikachu movie also enforces the idea of redacting information. Overall, the background for the Charizard and Mewtwo Case File may be the same, it looks amazing nonetheless.

The Pulls

It is now time to do what any collector of the Pokemon TCG does! Opening some packs!

The first thing we opened was the Detective Pikachu Case File. This one came with two Detective Pikachu packs and a Crimson Invasion pack. Let see what we pulled.

Crimson Invasion 1
From the Crimson Invasion pack, we pulled some pretty bad cards. The only card that is worth talking about is Chimecho. This card saw some play at one point of time. That was thanks to it’s Bell of Silence attack. This attack was used to keep certain Pokemon with abilities out of the game. Now it is just another forgotten tool that Malamar decks used at one point of time.

Two Detective Pikachu Packs
The two Detective Pikachu packs are next! These packs only contain four cards each. That is why we are putting them together in groups of eight.

These two packs were pretty good. I was able to pull a Greninja which got some pretty solid play during a past tournament. That Evasion Jutsu is pretty handy when you want to avoid some damage. That will help you get some extra damage and take some knockouts.

The other card worth mentioning is Charizard. It isn’t a great card but you bet I felt great pulling the card. There is something about Charizard cards that make one happy when they see it coming out of a pack. Just don’t expect to play it in a deck with any success.

The next product that we opened was the Mewtwo GX Case File. This one came with four packs of Detective Pikachu, a pack of Sun & Moon base set, and Burning Shadows.

Sun and Moon
The Sun & Moon base set pack didn’t have anything to write home about. It did contain another Switch for me to add to my collection. Currently that Switch is sitting comfortably in my Switch bind. The other cards were simply put into my bulk box.

Burning Shadows
Our Burning Shadows pack wasn’t even better. It did have an Oddish card which I stared at it fondly. After that, the cards made their way to the bulk box.

Detective Pikachu Pack
Let’s look at our first two Detective Pikachu packs from the Mewtwo GX Case File.

These were not bad packs We got a Ditto that can use any of your opponent’s attacks. This could be useful if you want to hit something hard. Granted, you will need the required energy to use the attack.

The Mr. Mime card looks pretty cool. I did like pulling that card.

Detective Pikachu pack
Now, these Detective Pikachu packs had some fire to them!

First, we have Mewtwo who can hit something hard thanks to his Break Burn attack. Give Mewtwo some Malamar support and you bet this card will hit something hard.

We also got some cute Starter Pokemon such as Charmander and Bulbasaur. That was pretty awesome.

It is now time to opened up the packs from the Charizard GX Case File. This case file had four packs of Detective Pikachu, a pack of Guardians Rising and Crimson Invasion.

Crimson Invasion
Can I admit that I don’t like opening Crimson Invasion packs? There are only a few cards that I look forward to pull from Crimson Invasion and the ones above are not them.

Guardians Rising
That said…We hit gold with our Guardians Rising pack!

Do you see that? We pulled a full art Tapu Koko GX! It may not be a Tapu Lele GX but we take a full art Tapu Koko GX. After all, Tapu Koko GX is seeing play in several builds of Pikachu & Zekrom GX decks. It can come in and save the energy that is on your damaged Pikachu & Zekrom GX. After that, Tapu Koko GX can attack hard and give you an optional GX attack to use. Overall, I was pretty happy to pull this card.

Also, Tapu Koko GX is a pretty cool looking full art card.

Lastly, getting another Brooklet Hill is nice.

Detective Pikachu
Our first pair of Detective Pikachu packs from this box had some cool things. We got our first Detective Pikachu card from the packs. That was pretty nice. We also got another Charizard which is always appreciated.

Detective Pikachu
Our second pair of Detective Pikachu packs had some nice things. We got another Greninja card. There was also an Arcanine card that was finally pulled. The Arcanine card looks pretty nice and perfectly pulled from the movie.

It is now time for the big one! The Greninja GX Case File! This one comes with five Detective Pikachu packs, a pack of Sun & Moon and Crimson Invasion.

Sun and Moon
Our Sun & Moon pack didn’t have much to talk about. We got a good card with Rowlet. That is pretty much it.

Meanwhile, we got another Crimson Invasion pack….

Crimison Invasion
And this one wanted to make up for all the past bad Crimson Invasion packs! It had a full art Kartana! I love this Pokemon and card so much!

Kartana is a pretty awesome Pokemon. My fond memories of running Kartana in my recent UPPL draft are still fresh. Also, Kartana GX is just a great card. It can easily cut away any Special Energy on your opponent’s side of the field. It lets you just take a prize card thanks to Blade GX. What is there not to love?

The other cards in the Crimson Invasion pack were lackluster but that full art Kartana GX was all I needed.

Detectivev Pikachu
Our first two Detective Pikachu packs from this Case File were decent. We got another Charizard card to add to our collection. That is not bad. Though, the other cards are just there.

Detective Pikachu
And other last three Detective Pikachu packs wanted to make sure we got another Charizard. There is our forth one and you do not hear me complaining. We also got another Detective Pikachu card. It is surprising how rare that card is seeing that the set is named after it.

Overall Thoughts

It was amazing that Pokemon was able to send me these Detective Pikachu products. Once again, thank you to them for sending me these items.

Opening Pokemon packs is always fun. Lately, I have been doing less of that due to how big the TCG sets have been getting. Though, opening up these smaller sets can be fun. I got some pretty awesome pulls and the packaging was amazing. If you haven’t gotten any of the Detective Pikachu TCG products then I would suggest that you buy at least one of them. That way you can be in awe at how amazing they look.

And if you haven’t seen Detective Pikachu then hurry up and do that! If you have already seen Detective Pikachu then watch it again! The movie is great! If you love how the Pokemon from the movie look on these cards then you will love them in the movie!

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