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Fantastical Fan Art: Top Art of Early November

Continuing our series on Fantastical Fan Art, this week, we’ve ask our panel of Pokexperts to find some great pieces of art from the past two weeks.  Our panelists have been playing Pokemon… since the beginning… since our childhood.  Our panelists include: Pokemon Trainer Sarah, our lovely forum admin, Braixen, our resident artist, HKim, our fearless leader, ray_quazaa (that’s me!), and MC Elesa, our tenacious Twitter-er-er.

For our second FFA we’ve curated twelve of the best Pokemon art that we could find on the Interwebs.  Stay with us.  Check them out after the break.

In no particular order, we present to you the art that we found.

First up, Sarah’s picks

ORAS: Welcome Back by Sa-Dui

A lovely, soft image bringing memories of Ruby and Sapphire as well as excitement for the journey to come in ORAS. Latios greets the female trainer as she beings her journey with Torchic.

Wallpaper Generation 3 by arkeis-pokemon

An awesome background featuring every Hoenn Pokemon, in a lovely round design, just in time to get you pumped for ORAS!

Our resident Artist Braixen comments on:

Commission for Tagg260: Katja the Lucario by eldrige

Eldridge is one of my favourite dA artists. Here we get to see a Lucario dressed as a warrior that is perfectly communicated as a female heroine. Eldridge does a lot right but one thing that has always stood out to be is their ability to communicate gender without major additives to the Pokemon. We don’t see the heroine in bows, or feminine colours, we see her dressed in protective gear and a hood and she appears as feminine as a standard jigglypuff (in my opinion). Although Lucario is clearly the subject of the image the art is centered around the warmth of the fire. We see it’s affects stretch throughout the entire image; illuminating it.

Witch Fox by bluekomadori

This image is a tad delayed from Halloween but I think it’s appropriate to show off as it’s got a lot of energy involved and we all need that in the late fall as we prepare for the winter. We get to see our beautiful fox Pokemon, Delphox, showing off her magic with an audience of adorable Pokemon. As usual bluekomadori’s art meets somewhere in the middle of painting and line art. Just as Elridge’s painting we get to see a setting illuminated by a central warmth, but bluekomadori does it a bit differently! Enjoy looking at all the details and life painted into this piece, it’s definitely enjoyable for any Pokéfan!

Hkim weighs in on his favs

Pokemon ORAS by Evil-usagi

Evil-usagi perfectly captures the epic excitement surrounding the ORAS games. All Pokemon games are based around the starters and final two legends, which, I feel, signify the “journey” of trainers. When you’re starting out, you only have one, low-level basic Pokemon. When you’re at the top of the game, you can take on a Legend.

Pokemon and Mondays by NoName-sami

If we’re going to talk about ORAS Legends, we shouldn’t forget about Latios and Latias, two of the best Legendary Pokemon introduced into the saga. They represent the perfect combination of a cool, sleek design with a cute, beautiful appeal. I loved their portrayal in the Pokemon Heroes and they will always have a place in my heart.

My own picks!

Pokemon Pocky Day by Xero-J

A two in one by Xero-J for Pocky Day/Pepero Day in Asia.  Kinda like Valentine’s Day, but only those flavored sticks.  The simplicity of these two (combined) images of couples day celebrates both things that we cherish… love and Pokemon!  The digital art is clean and simple, the message clear.

And lastly, our social media director MC Elesa (Mikey) selected four (we asked for two, he couldn’t choose I guess):


クッションinバケッチャ by シュト

It may be late for Halloween but here is a little piece featuring our favorite Halloween themed Pokemon. Look at all those Pumpkaboo! They look as if they are enjoying this time with there pumpkin brothers.


ミツルくんとミツルくん by 直斗

The new meets the old in this piece! Here we have Wally from RS meeting with his new ORAS counterpart. These Wally may not look too much different but how they compose themselves and their signature Pokemon are different. Lets take a moment to appreciate this character and look forward to meeting them once again in ORAS.


ミツルくんとラルトス by 直斗

Here we see the Wally that we all know and love. He may have a new design but sometimes being timid and sick can make a journey difficult. That doesn’t mean we won’t support him. Get ready to root for this guy all the way as he starts his adventure.


  ノンノンパワー!! by あこ

The best thing about fanart is seeing things that you may not get to see often. Here we have our two heroes from the Mega Evolution Special. This is a rather funny piece as we see our heroine dress up in pieces that we may never see her dress up in.

Ongoing Conversation