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Huge Wait List for Pokemon Phone Cases

Casetify phone case Pokemon
Need a new phone case to show off your Pokemon flair?

Then you are in luck! Casetify has a whole line of phone cases for each original 151 Pokemon.

Casetify has recently announced a crossover with Pokemon to release sevearl different Pokemon phone cases. Do you need more then just a phone case Then Casetify has your back with accessories, wireless chargers and Air Pod covers. They even got covers and accessories for Samsung devices. There are plenty of pre-made and customizable options as well.

The only problem is that the Pokemon-Casetify crossover has been proven popular with fans. The first drop was sold out in a flash. The Casetify website said that there will be a second drop happening soon and a third to come.

If you wish to get your hands on one of these Casetify Pokemon phone cases then make sure to subscribe to their wait list. If not then you may end up missing your chance to catch one of these stylish phone cases!

Source: Esquire ME

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