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May’s English TCG Set! Logo Reveal!

Forbidden Light
This May in the TCG we will see some bright things hitting players!

The logo for Forbidden Light has been revealed for the English TCG set that will be release in May. This set will feature 130 cards. Some of the cards being release in Forbidden Light includes: Ultra Necrozma GX, Lucario GX, Greninja GX, Zygarde GX, Yveltal GX, Naganadel GX, Volcanion, and Arceus Prism Star. Overall, there will be five Prism Star cards, eight Pokemon GX, six Ultra Beasts, fifteen Trainers, and two Special Energy.

Forbidden Light will be based on Japan’s Ultra Force plus set and the unreleased Japan’s Forbidden Light. The Japanese verison of this set will be released on March 2nd. Forbidden Light will not be release in the US until May 4th.

Ultra Prism will be released in stores starting on February 2nd.

Source: PokeBeach

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