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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep14 14AUG2017 – 20AUG2017


It’s the high-class insanity art-reviewing that you came for!

It’s another wacky episode of NEMM! It’s like getting a prescription for candy and having Halloween costumes as the official business dress code! It’s weird but awesome! So take a break, rip open a chocolate bar, smear it all over your face, and enjoy licking it off as you enjoy this next crazy episode of NEMM!

Flower Pokemon by Ailinn-Lein

Citizen, the world you once knew is no more. Everything has gone pink and white and all cataclysmically flowery-like. There is no cure for the flora infection beyond just getting plenty of sun and water. Enjoy your new Fairy/Grass typing and God bless.

I mean funnily enough, these three do look a bit shocked about it! And there is a kind of infectious cuteness to it, though it does king of make you wonder exactly… how this happened.

Pokemon x UNDERTALE :Muffet X Ariados by Sa-Dui

That’s definitely MORE than enough tea, Muffet.

Man, this must be like the fifth Undertale and Pokemon crossover picture I’ve seen since I’ve started this column! But they never fail to impress, especially the ones from Sa-Dui who make us wish it’d actually happen! Maybe one day when lawyers vanish from the face of the planet. You gotta love Muffet, though. A cute and creepy spider that likes to host bake sales. Crazy but enjoyable originality like that is rare but it’s great when it comes along!

Pokemon: Runaway buddies by Eeveetachi

THAT LOOK WHEN: You realize it’s Monday tomorrow and summer’s on its way out. Ouch.

Great picture, but… guys, you know, you could move in a little more under the roof so you don’t get wet! Unless it’s just one of those moments where boom, you could be on fire and the only thing to put it out is a giant vat of strawberry milk and it’s a eh, whatever kind of day.

Pokemon Grunts by AceroTiburon

You think the picture’s cute and clever at first, but it becomes GREAT when you see the Goomy with shades. Then it becomes everything. Then it becomes all you see. Goomy. With shades. Staring at you and sending much love!

Beyond that, if you can peel your eyes away from it, the trainer Goomy combos are fantastic. You could see why people love this crazy, goofy blobby Pokémon. Is there a Goomy dress-up game? There should be!

Ghost Pokemon by Foxeaf

“What’s underneath Mimikyu…?”

Why, nothing but pure infernal anarchy of course! Though there might be a chocolate chip cookie somewhere in there also. But if you ever need to pull an all-nighter or just feel like sleep is such a waste of time, you’ve got a good buddy in your Mimikyu, who knows all the right stuff to help keep you up all night for whatever you need to get done! Cleaning, homework, or just plain huddling into a corner and wailing the heck out! The other tenants are bound to love it!

So say hello to Mimikyu and all its friends, putting the “fun” in “funeral!”

That’s it for this week, folks! Remember that if you only have a fork to eat your soup, you can always use your shoe instead!

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