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New Japanese TCG Sets! In March!

Island and NIght
TCG fans will have plenty to look forward to in early 2017 as two new sets TCG sets will be release in Japan!

Generation 7 will hit the TCG soon starting in December for Japan but Japanese players of the TCG can look forward to a brand new set early 2017! The sets that will be coming out in Japan as their second TCG set in the Sun and Moon block will be called Islands Awaiting You and Alola Moonlight.

Islands Awaiting You and Alola Moonlight will be treated as a split TCG set with 50 cards each. There isn’t much known about these two sets but the dummy pack images shows Tapu Koko for Islands Awaiting You set and Lycanroc Midnight Form for Alola Moonlight. Perhaps these two Pokemon will be feature as GX Pokemon for both sets.

Sun Collection and Moon Collection will be release on December 9th in Japan. Meanwhile, US TCG players will need to wait until February 3rd, 2017 for the first Generation 7 set, Sun & Moon.

The second Generation 7 TCG set, Islands Awaiting You and Alola Moonlight, will be release on March 13, 2017.

Source: PokeBeach

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