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Behind the Scenes at New Pokemon Cafe

Pokemon Cafe

Before its grand opening this month, Kotaku has released images of Tokyo’s new Pokemon Café. Get ready to see the restaurant’s interior and food.

Back at the tail end of last year, it was reported that the Pokemon Center in Takashimaya would house its very own café. This would follow Pop-ups on two occasions to coincide with the release of the latest games at the time. Now, with the Café nearing completion, Kotaku has released images of what you could see on a normal day, posted straight from the Cafe’s website.

The interior of the restaurant looks nothing short of elegant, with a modern, streamlined feel to it, and plants in various Pokemon inspired shapes for good measure.

The food looks meticulously put together, with obvious attention to detail while still making the dishes look appetizing.

You can find the photos on Kotaku’s website.



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