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New Pokemon Teased for Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Halloween
Get ready for some spooky fun coming to Pokemon GO!

It has been hinted for a few weeks now that Generation 3 Pokemon will be added to Pokemon GO. There was recently an image found in the latest Pokemon GO update. This image shows the Pokmeon GO trainer with Ghost Pokemon from Hoenn. These looming Ghost Pokemon from Hoenn included Sableye and Duskull, Dusclops, Shuppet and Banette.

Today on the iTunes App Store, it showed a teaser image for Pokemon GO. This teaser image can be seen above. This time they show Pokemon from Generation 3 such as Duskull and Sableye. The image also shows Gengar and Misdreavus. Lastly, the image shows that there will be a Witch’s Cap Pikachu for the upcoming Pokemon GO event.

Nothing has been made official but it looks as if Pokemon GO players will have a lot of new things to catch for Halloween. If these images are anything to go by then trainers will get to catch some Ghost Pokemon from Hoenn and a Witch’s Cap Pikachu.

It sounds like we will have some awesome treats for Halloween. Good luck in your catching!

Source: toucharcade

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