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Streamer Loses Shiny Mewtwo

Shiny Mewtwo
Ever wonder what happens when you run out of Pokeballs in Let’s Go?

One streamer found out the hard way during the worst time possible: Catching a Shiny Mewtwo.

SUKnives is a streamer who was playing Pokemon Let’s Go. During his stream he was soft resetting for a Shiny Mewtwo. This involves spawn-reset in Cerulean Cave. You only have one chance to capture Mewtwo and if it isn’t shiny then you need to reset for Mewtwo again. Sometimes it can take 40 times to do this. Other times it can go up to 40,000.

After playing for over 30 hours and soft resetting 1,765 times, SUKnives finally found his Shiny Mewtwo. He has at the Pokeball screen trying to capture it. SUKnives had brought over 100 Pokeballs from Ultra Balls to Premiere Balls. The problem was that Mewtwo didn’t want to stay in any of the Pokeballs that SUKnives threw. He was now on his last Pokeball. Below you can see what happen.

In a horrible turn of events! Mewtwo broke out of SUKnives last Premiere Ball. Now, in Let’s Go, if you are out of Pokeballs then you are forced out of the Pokemon encounter and the Pokemon runs away. That means SUKnives lost his chance in catching a Shiny Mewtwo.

It is possible to get the Shiny Charm in Let’s Go. This will raise your chances to find Shiny Pokemon in the game. You will recieve the Shiny Charm after you have completed the Pokedex in Let’s Go. SUKnives did have one when he encountered his Shiny Mewtwo. He had to transfer one of his Mewtwo from Pokemon GO in order to have it for his hunt for a Shiny Mewtwo.

Best of luck to SUKnives in his hunt for a Shiny Mewtwo and any other Shiny Pokemon!

Source: Gamerant

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