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TCG Jump: Featured Match-1HKO Shining GENESECT DECK Using VENUSAUR

Shining Legends Genesect
Time to look at a deck that is using some shining new cards!

A brand new set called Shining Legends has been release which means brand new cards. We have some shining new cards which can make a shining new new deck. That is why we are featuring a match from DarkIntegralGaming where he is using Shining Genesect and Venusaur from Shining Legends.

The deck that DarkIntegralGaming using features Shining Genesect as a heavy attacker who can draw Grass energy to it by using Energy Reload. This ability allows you to move Grass Energy onto Shining Genesect from one of your Pokemon once per turn. This can really help fuel Shining Genesect’s Gaia Blaster. That is a great because Gaia Blaster gets stronger for every Grass energy attached to Shining Genesect.

This deck also uses Venusaur to help multiply the Grass energy thanks to Jungle Totem. This ability makes every Grass energy count as two. You will see DarkIntegralGaming abuse this ability to help Shining Genesect hit some big numbers to knockout GX Pokemon with 180 HP.

Lastly, DarkIntegralGaming has included Zoroark GX. This newcomer from Shining Legends can hit pretty hard if you have a full bench. It is also great because Venusaur’s ability will work on Grass energy attached to Zoroark GX. That will help if you need to hit solid numbers with a single energy.

Now let see DarkIntegralGaming put this deck to the test! He has matches against Vikavolt-Bulu and Gardevoir. So make sure to watch this video to see how this deck does.

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