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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep22 09OCT2017 – 15OCT2017


Art, madness, nonsense, and Emolga, oh my!

It’s time for some more of that funky junk where I plow around DeviantArt and see what was hot for Pokémon art and, heh, heh, make some fun of it. So whether the weather is hot, cold, or keeps doing that weird thing where it can’t make up its mind between summer and autumn and sporadically jumps all over the place like a squirrel on an adrenaline and Ritalin cocktail, here’s a fun display of art and silly nonsense from me to you.

Pokemon: Shiny Sylveon by sugarstitch

The derp. The derp is strong with this one. It’s as if she wants to cuddle, force-feed you pink cupcakes with sprinkles until you explode, and then take your soul from your recently-detonated body and reincarnate you into a bouncing Buneary where you and her can be fun buddies that spray confetti all over town for all eternity or until MTV actually starts showing music videos again. Whichever comes first.

This may be the only Pokémon that can pull off a genuine Care Bear Stare.

beach Girls and Pokemon by xong

I was wrong. THIS is what you came for! And oh Flannery, what a low-blow on that one! But if you look carefully, Sabrina gets her back! Who needs Pokémon battles when you can get this? Now if only we could animate this a few more seconds further just to see what happens next! WARNING: May not be appropriate for younger viewing audiences.

I love how Cynthia is just watching this unfold and is like “yeah, looks like those two are at it again!” What a great picture this is! I wonder what beach this is at. I’d hang out there more often if I know.

Lillie – Pokemon Sun and Moon by Ayasal

It’s so charming and surreal! And of course you know who isn’t in you know what bag. Well, you wouldn’t want to be in there either. It’s probably hot, dark, boring, gets no Wi-Fi, is always bumping up and down like a really awful amusement park ride that makes you lose your lunch all over your pants and shirt, and anything earlier than Gameboy SP can’t be played in there without those dinky light attachments that cost extra and eat every last battery that exists in the solar system. Yeah, Lillie, just let Nebby out of the bag.

Amazing job with the eyes, though! It’s like a whole universe is in them! Well, without the black holes, strangely colored nebulas, and you know what I mean.

Christmas Pokemon by red-monkey

Is it just me or is that Arcanine colossally ENORMOUS? Like he could sit on Giratina’s face and wouldn’t even need to battle. And yeah, with an Arcanine that big, heck, it could be twenty below zero outside and huk, huk, big ol’ fluffy fiery softie could make it feel like you wouldn’t know the difference.

So I wonder what’s she’s playing. Pokémon? Within Pokémon? A game within a game? Or if she’s playing at the Game Corner, it would be a game within a game within a game. Deeper. We need to go deeper!

Pokemon hunters by Verehin

As first you’re like “what’s so Pokémon about this, I don’t see anything that… OHHHH. OHHH DEAR.”

Yeah, kind of seems like the good ol’ days of Poké Balls and Nurse Joys cashed in their chips and checked out. In what looks like something dragged by their feet out of the post-apocalypse, these two kids are probably wondering more about what that Emboar tastes like more than what its EVs and IVs are. Psh, and you were annoyed that you couldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi at Starbucks this morning. You… you and your first world problems, you!

Well, that’s all for this week! And as some parting words of wisdom, remember that if you don’t want anyone blocking your vision at the movie theater or at a baseball game, just pour some of your soda on the seat in front of you!

As always, cheers and good times!

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