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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Hippowdon Deck

Nationals was less than a month ago but we saw plenty of great decks. There were some old favorites that made a turn out but we had some new faces that showed up on the national stage. This week we are going to feature a match from a new deck that first appeared at Nationals. It really blew some dust up and gotten people thinking about it. So join us this week as we feature the Hippowdon Deck played by ABlueGolfBall!

The main focus of this deck is Hippowdon from Primal Clash. It may not have much of a pow at first but it can really put the hurt on your opponent. When using this deck, you want to use Hippowdon’s first attack: Resistance Desert which does 60 damage. The attack also has an interesting side effect which negates damage and effects of attacks from your opponent’s EX Pokemon. Please note, Seismitoad EX’s item lock effect from Quaking Punch still happens but Hippowdon will not be taking any damage. Either way, the effect from Hippowdon’s Resistance Desert is pretty powerful seeing that the metagame is filled with plenty of powerful EX Pokemon attackers. All you need to do to use this attack is attach a Fighting and a Double Colorless Energy (or two energy cards of any type) to Hippowdon to start a damage dry desert for Hippowdon.

There are ways around this such as using Lysandre or Pokemon Catcher to force the Hippowdon who used Resistance Desert out of the active and replace it with a different Pokemon. Pokemon who have attacks similar to Cobalion EX’s Steel Bullet can also break though Hippowdon’s desert to bring the hurt for the big desert hippo.

It may take some time to set up Hippowdon but there are cards that you can play in the meantime to keep yourself busy. Some of these cards include Landorus EX who can spread some damage around and Seismitoad EX to help put your opponent in an item lock.

Now let see this deck in action! Watch as ABlueGolfBall plays Eduardo Gonzalez’s Hippowdon Deck!

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