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TCG Jump: Featured Match- M Sceptile EX vs M Tyranitar EX

M Sceptile EX vs M Tyranitar EX
This week we finally were told which cards will be rotated out for the 2015-2016 TCG Season. The format will be XY on and we will be seeing a lot of cards being rotated out along with some try and true strategies. Next season will be and interesting time to play the TCG with so many new ideas coming up.

Because of that, we are going to take a look into the future by watching a battle from the Japanese YouTube channel, だんのうらチャンネル. This Japanese player is playing a game with his friend using cards from Ancient Origins in the XY format. This is an interesting match to watch as we see how decks will run and built with cards from XY sets. There will be no Virbank-Laser, Colress, or Darkrai EX. Even better! These two players are using decks featuring cards from Ancient Origins. Player 1 on the yellow mat is using a M Sceptile EX deck while Player 2 on the right mat is using a Darkness deck featuring M Tyranitar EX.

Just to note: This game was played in Japanese and the text will be in Japanese. Though you can still follow along with the game because of the cards being used. These players do use cards such as Yveltal and Ultra Ball which are common use in the current metagame. Cards from Ancient Origins will be explained below.

Player 1 is using a M Sceptile EX Deck that is filled with all kinds of cards from Ancient Origins. The first card you will see is Sceptile EX which knows the Sleep Poison attack which does 10 damage for a single Grass energy. It does have an attack called Unseen Claw which can do additional damage if your opponent’s active Pokemon has a special condition on it. This can be done via Ariados who has an ability called Poison Nest which poisons both active Pokemon except for Grass type Pokemon. You will see Player One rack up damage on the opponent’s active Pokemon via Ariados’s Poison Nest ability but the true star of the deck is M Sceptile EX. This Mega Pokemon can hit hard for two Energy with Jagged Saber which does 100 damage. Jagged Saber also allows you to attach two Grass energy from your hand to your benched Pokemon anyway you like and if you do that then heal up any damage on them. M Sceptile EX also has the Theta Stop trait where abilities can’t hurt it. That means no Sneaky Bite damage for M Sceptile. You will see Player One use Jagged Saber to heal up heavily damaged Pokemon and prepping them for battle in the late game. Lastly, the card that really makes this deck fast is Forest of Giant Plant stadium. This stadium allows players to evolve Grass type Pokemon as soon as they come into play and that includes Mega Evolution! So you can start your game off with M Sceptile in the active!

Player 2 is using a Darkness deck with some familiar things but has M Tyranitar EX hiding in the shadows. The deck that Player 2 uses has a lot of old favorites such as Yveltal and Yveltal EX to put early and quick damage while accelerating energy from the discard onto the bench. This deck even has a Crobat line to spread damage around on the opponent’s field by using the Sneaky Bite and Surprise Bite abilities. This works perfectly for M Tyranitar who will love to use that damage to it’s advantage by attacking with Destroyer King! The mightily Destroyer King attack cost two Darkness and two Colorless energy but it can do 110 damage plus 60 for every damage counter on your opponent’s active Pokemon! This attack can hit for over 1000 damage to an EX Pokemon that is bray hanging on to the game. This card can really destroy a Pokemon that has some prior damage to it.

So which one of these decks will come out on top? Watch the video below to find out!

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