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Final Batch of Hoenn Pokemon Released in Pokemon GO!

Metagross, Salamence, Rayquaza and more are now available in Pokemon GO!

The latest batch of Hoenn Pokemon also includes Swablu, Chimecho, Wingull, Taillow and Tropius. This means most Hoenn Pokemon (besides legends) are now available in the game!

If you’re ready for a new challenge, Rayquaza is now available as a raid boss and will be available until March 16th. Kyogre is still available until February 14th, so you better hurry if you still need one!

In addition, only Hoenn Pokemon (plus regionals) will be spawning until February 13th to give you a good chance to find the latest batch. The normally regional Pokemon Plusle and Minun can also currently be found around the world, so get them while you can!

Time to fill that Pokedex!

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