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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Silvally Water Anti Meta Slayer!

Silvally GX
The rising tide is coming!

You may see a lot of Zoroark but that doesn’t mean you can’t play any other fun and great decks! That is what AuraBomb is trying to prove as he is playing an interesting and impressive Silvally-Water Deck!

This Silvally-Water Deck uses Silvally GX as the backbone to do some quick and heavy damage with Turbo Drive while powering up one of your Benched Pokemon. You also have access to several Drives that can change Silvally GX’s type to counter your opponent’s Pokemon. Going up against Zoroark GX? Slap on a Fighting Memory. Do you see Espeon GX? Use Magearna’s Change Clothes ability to take of the Fighting Memory and attach a Psychic Memory. Silvally GX can be quite dangerous and he is only the opening act!

This deck has a deep pool of possible attackers. The obvious choice will be Lapars GX who can make a decent opening Pokemon thanks to Collect. Simply draw three cards to dig into your deck for resources to use during your next turn. It can hit pretty hard thanks to Blizzard Burn to knock out some big basic Pokemon. Need to use Blizzard Burn again? Then use this cool combo that features Silvally GX and Dawn Wings Necrozma GX’s ability! You can use DW Necrozma GX’s ability to put the big moon bat in the active after Lapras GX attacks with Blizzard Burn. Next, use Silvally GX’s Gyro Unit to give DW Necrozma GX free retreat to put Lapras GX back into the active to use Blizzard Burn.

There is even Tapu Fini GX who can knockout Pokemon with low HP for some quick knockouts. Now that is dangerous! No place on the field is safe from this deck!

The flexibility that you have thanks to Silvally GX makes this deck quite dangerous. You can watch below how this dog plays with the fishies in these great matches that AuraBomb had with the deck!

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