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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Zoroark GX (aka Lonzoroark)

Zoroark Expanded
This deck plays as sly like a fox!

Today we are featuring a match that is in the Expanded format featuring Zoroark GX! Not just Zoroark GX! But all of them! So get ready to see Trainer Chip use all the Zoroark!

Lone Zoroark is a deck that depends on almost every Zoroark that has been printed. You have Zoroark GX who can hit solid numbers if your bench is full. There is Zoroark from BREAKthrough who can punished your opponent if they decide to fill up their bench. If you want to pull some foul plays then there is Zoroark from Black & White who can copy your opponent’s powerful attacks. Especially the GX attacks! This Zoroark toolbox has a Zoroark for every occasion!

Pair up Zoroark GX and Zoroark from BREAKthrough with Sky Field and you can see some huge damage! All of this for just a Double Colorless Energy!

This deck also plays Sudowoodo which is used to limit your opponent’s bench. If you are playing against a Zoroark deck then that will be good. Sudowoodo’s ability will limit your opponent’s damage output with Zoroark GX. If you are playing against a non-Zoroark GX deck then it can be nasty to limit your opponent’s options by a limited bench.

There is even an Alolan Muk in the deck in case your opponent is playing Sudowoodo. This Muk’s ability turns off the ability of any Basic Pokemon. That is great if you want to get back to hitting hard!

Watch the matches below from Trainer Chip as he shows off the power of Zoroark in Expanded!

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