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Ultra Prism Prerelease Promos!

Ultra Prism
Get ready to take your game to Ultra Space!

The promos for the Ultra Prism prereleases have been revealed! Players who planning to attend an Ultra Prism prerelease can receive either Wash Rotom, Lucario, Heatran, or Gumshoos!

Each one of these cards can do some interesting things. Below are the details.

Wash Rotom has a unique ability where if you have nine items in your discard then your attacks will cost no energy. You will need to find a way to put nine items in your discard but it will mean that Wash Rotom won’t need energy. Wash Rotom will allow you to do 50 damage to one of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon.

Lucario also has an unique ability that activates when it evolves. When you evolve your Riolu into this Lucario then you can search your deck for any card as long as you have Garchomp in play. This could give you the chance to do some heavy damage if you are using Garchomp from Ultra Prism in your deck.

Heatran from Ultra Prism can hit for heavy damage. All you need is attach three Metal energy to do 130 damage. Combine Heatran with Mt Cornet and Magnezone to have a powerful single prize attacker.

Lastly there is Gumshoos. This Pokemon’s first attack can be quite powerful if your opponent has any Pokemon in their hand.

If you are interested in getting any of these card then I would highly suggest Lucario. This card has plenty of potential. Many players are excited to use this card in combination with Garchomp and Cynthia from Ultra Prism. A good other promo card to get is Heatran. Metal is getting plenty of support from Ultra Prism and Heatran could fit in a deck.

Ultra Prism prereleases are taking place on the weekends of January 20th through 28th. Check out Pokemon Event Locator for one near you!

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