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US Release Date for New Anime Season

Ultra Legends
US Anime fans don’t have to wait long for a new season of anime!

Pokemon anime fans in the US will be able to continue their animated adventures in Alola with Ash and Pikachu soon. The dust has settled after Ash’s battle with Necrozma to reveal a new season of the Pokemon anime. The 22nd season of the Pokemon anime will be called Pokemon: Sun & Moon- Ultra Legends.

Pokemon: Sun & Moon- Ultra Legends will premiere on Disney XD on March 23 at 9 a.m. Eastern and Pacific. From there, a new episode will premiere every day during the upcoming week.

This season of the anime features Ash and Pikachu meeting Hau for the first time, a mysterious Eevee, a strange Stuffle and Professor Kukui’s dream of a Pokemon League coming closer to a reality. Make sure to catch all this action and more on Disney XD, DisneyNOW app and Pokemon TV app!

See you in Alola!

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