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VIDEO: Game Theory: POKEMON – The TERRIFYING TRUTH of Fire Pokemon

Ever wondered about the science behind Fire-type Pokémon?

Pokémon have always been mysterious with their abilities, evolutions, and nightmare fueling Pokedex entries. But have you ever wondered if there is scientific proof behind some of the mechanics that can show up in a game? Then you’re in luck! A well-known channel, known as The Game Theorists, has been covering the science and lore behind Pokémon for quite some time now. From the Darwinism behind the regional birds like Pidgey and Taillow to how pokéballs scientifically are not possible, there is a lot to behold on this channel. They have even solved the mystery behind Gary’s dying Raticate!

In this particular episode, our host, Matpat, covers the science behind how Fire-type Pokémon are able to produce the flames they do and why Fire Spin is actually a much deadlier move than you might initially think. It is interesting, full of stuff you may remember from science class, and was even tested in a different video by teaming up with another Youtuber, The King of Random.

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