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VIDEO: Rating ALL Pokémon! #382 – #386 [FINAL HOENN EPISODE!]

RAting Pokemon
Time to find out how great certain Pokemon are by rating them!

Join hildewereld as she takes on the epic task of rating all the Pokemon! She looks into their backstory, inspirations and lore in order to create a rating for them. Some Pokemon are pretty awesome and get a great rating. Others can be lackluster and simply do not pan out.

In this video, hildewereld goes over the last of the Hoenn Pokemon as she rates the famed Weather Trio and two Hoenn Mythical Pokemon. She goes deep into the lore of these five Pokemon and says her thoughts on each one. There are some pretty interesting things said in this video that you may not know about these five Pokemon.

Give the video below a watch and check out this playlist of hildewereld ‘s Pokemon ratings by clicking here.

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