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Which team are you?

Pokémon Duel has started a new Team Match event!

Pokémon Duel has opened preregistration for it’s new Team Match event! There teams are available to the player: Poliwrath, Toxicroak, and Seismitoad. Players can pick the team they want and aim for victory with their teammates. Pregistration is open until June 1 at 1:59 (UTC). Players who preregister get 1 Booster Enhancer and those that allow a random selection of their team get 3 Booster Enhancers.

The Team Match event period will last from June 1 8:00 (UTC) to June 4 7:59 (UTC). The first place team will receive 50 Carmonite and the second place team will receive 20 Carmonite. The reward redemption period lasts until June 8 at 7:59 (UTC).

Booster Enhancers allow players to get more Team Points and are available for purchase in the shop. You can only use Booster Enhancers on Time Boosters you obtain after the event starts. During the Team Match event period, you can get Team Points even by opening Enhancements Boosters. You can also use Booster Enhancers on the Enhancement Boosters. Players can also open time speed boosts for the Time Boosters, which allows for the Time Boosters to be open in half the usual time. The same is true with Enhancement Boosters.

So how does the team event work? Well players pick their favorite teams and during the event they can due against players on other teams by being matched up in League Matches. Players can get Team Points from Time Boosters which can be obtained from winning duels. When you use a Booster Enhancer you can get even more points. The team with the most team points will achieve victory. Even more Team Points can be added to a player’s team total dpeending on the team’s overall win rate. Depending on the player’s standing within their team, they can get a badge as well.

In addition, for the duration of the event period, a new type of Time Booster, Time Booster (Sparkle) may be dropped during the event. Within these Time Boosters there is a rare chance at a Shiny Eevee [R] or Shiny Umbreon [R]. These shiny figures may reappear in the future but for now this is your best chance to obtain them!

So what are you waiting for? I’ve already preregistered with Team Toxicroak! Which team will you choose?

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