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Winner of “Steel Type Attack Name” Contest

Light Beam
A ray of light is going to spell your doom with this new Steel attack!

Back in April, CoroCoro magazine ran a contest to give readers the chance to name a new Steel type attack. This attack was similar to Mind Blown where the user will deal massive amounts of damage but will take recoil to half their HP. After months of reading submissions, the name of this new powerful Steel attack has been revealed to be called Tetteikousen.

According to PokeJungle, this attack name is based on the phrase “resist until the bitter end” and “light beam”. This move can also be used by Duraludon.

You can view Tetteikousen in action below.

It sure does look like a powerful attack as it took down Tyrantar with full HP with one hit. Duraludon sure was resisting to the bitter end with that powerful beam of light. I will have to guess that the light base attack is Steel base by the idea of using reflections to deal out massive amounts of damage.

As a Steel type fan, Tetteikousen sure does make me excited to see. I do hope that this attack gets localize to have the same feel as it’s Japanese name.

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