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Pokemon Video Game Championship 2014 Rules Announced

Hey, Pokemon Trainers! TPCi has released the rules for the 2014 Pokemon Video Game Championships. What are the Pokemon Video Game Championships? You can find out how to participate here. If you are participating, you must follow these rules otherwise you WILL be disqualified.

Standard Team Rules

  • A team can’t contain the same Pokemon.
  • No two Pokemon in the team can’t have the same hold item.
  • No two Pokemon can have the same nickname.
  • A Pokemon can’t have the name of another Pokemon as its nickname. (Example: an Unfezant named “Pidove”)
  • A Pokemon may only use moves that have been learned through any of the following methods:
    • Level up
    • By TM or HM
    • Egg moves
    • From a character in game
    • Moves already know by a Pokemon received at an official Pokemon event or promotion

Standard Format

  • You must have a copy of either Pokemon X or Pokemon Y (either game card or downloadable versions).
  • Players may use Pokémon from the Central Kalos Pokédex from #001 to #150, Coastal Kalos Pokédex from #001 to #153, or Mountain Kalos Pokédex from #001 to #147.
  • Pokémon used in the Standard Format must be native to the Kalos region in Pokémon X or Pokémon Y.
  • Pokemon may use Hidden Abilities.
  • Pokemon CAN Mega Evolve.
  • All battles will be Double battles.
  • The team you are using must be in your Battle Box. After registration, your Battle Box will be LOCKED and you may not change a Pokemon or its held item.

You can view the full list of rules and formats here.

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