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Anime Expo 2017 Pokemon Cosplay Photos

Anime Expo 2017 Pokemon Cosplay
Photos courtesy of Christopher Sue

The Pokemon saga has always been a popular choice for cosplayers at Anime Expo and this year was no exception.

On July 1, a multitude of Pokemon fans gathered at the 2017 Anime Expo convention in Los Angeles to show off their amazing costumes and outfits. Nearly every corner of the fandom was represented from Kanto to Alola to the anime to the video games and even to Pokemon Go.

A big thanks to the organizers: Marisa Mockery, Nina Foxx, Hayden Yeany, Patricia Marshall, Connie Garcia, and Vincent Moon.

A shout out to Team Rocket AZ who had representatives at the event.

Check out the photo gallery below!

For more photos, also check out the Event Facebook Page!

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