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Art Spotlight: PokéMart Online

Check out this really cool Instagram account!

The PokéMart has been the one stop shop servicing the Pokémon trainers of the world since 1996. And while they are best known for their Potions and Pokéballs, one Instagram account has expanded their selection to much much more. This Instagram account, known simply as PokéMart Online, has created a series of products that would likely sell in a real world PokéMart if one existed. They’ve got everything from sleeping pills to tasty treats to weed killer, with all the designs inspired by various Pokémon! Currently the account releases the products in the order of the Pokédex, starting with Bulbasaur at 001 and working its way forward.

It’s unclear at this time if the creator intends to do more than just the original 151 Pokémon, especially given that their bio states they service the Kanto region specifically, implying that it may just be Kanto Pokémon inspired designs. However, if you like the designs, they also have an Etsy account where you can buy stickers of some of the products. Currently they are selling a set of starter themed stickers.

So how are these designs created? Well while the artist appears to be a bit of a mystery, their designs are rather creative and in-depth. The designs integrate the colors and sometimes even parts of the designs of the Pokémon into the packaging of the product, like with the Venusaur Veggie Chips. This makes it very easy to identify which product is based on which Pokémon just by a quick glance at it. In addition, the choice of the products themselves are usually some sort of pun on the Pokémon’s name or somehow related to them, such as the Weedle Weed Killer and Rattata Swiss Cheese. Not every choice is like this though, with some like Pidgeot Kombucha and Kakuna Tequila being a bit less rooted in the Pokémon themselves. The designs also cleverly sneak in the Pokédex number for every Pokémon onto each product, either as the fluid ounces or some other detail of the design. My personal favorite is the number of spices in the Arbok Canned Soup. Sometimes the products will also contain other Pokémon references, specifically to some of the berries available in the world. For example the Nidoqueen White Chocolate and Nidoking Dark Chocolate both make references to Bluk and Oran berries in their products. It’s details like these that go to show there is a very thorough and well thought out process behind each design.

So which of the designs is your favorite? I’ll be linking my personal favorites below, but we’d love to hear from you too! And be sure to show your love and support for PokéMart Online on Instagram and Etsy as well.

Until next time, see ya!

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