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Boy Sells Pokemon Cards to Help Dog

Boy sells Pokemon cards
A young boy helps his dog and Pokemon saw.

There are a few things that a young child wants growing up. Some of those things includes a best friend and some Pokemon cards. Though, a young boy from Virginia had to sell his Pokemon cards to help his best friend.

A Trainer with a Mission

Eight-year-old Bryson Kliemann from Virginia loves Pokemon and his puppy, Bruce. When his older brother and sister are playing together, Bryson simply plays with his dog. Though, it turns out that Bruce was recently diagnosed with Parvo. It would have cost Bryson’s family $700 dollars to combat this highly contagious dog virus. Almost impossible for the family to pay.

So Bryson did what any Pokemon trainer would do in a tough situation. He took matters into his own hands and hit a nearby route.

“I know everybody likes Pokémon cards so I just decided to sell them,”

With that line of thought in Bryson’s mind, he did just that. He sold his Pokemon cards in order to help his furry friend. On the first day, he only was able to earn $65 dollars. With a little help from the local community and a GoFundMe, the family was able to raise $5000 dollars!

Now Bruce has gotten the treatment he needed to be by Bryson’s side. This young trainer and puppy are back together and ready to play. The original treatment cost $700 dollar. All the excess money will be used for Bruce’s future treatments and help other local dogs in need of medical care.

Pokemon’s Response

Though, Bryson’s actions were not left unnoticed by Pokemon. They got word of what Bryson did and sent him a care package of Pokemon TCG products. Some of these includes the Pokemon TCG Battle Academy board game and several Starter Decks. That way he can replace his TCG collection.

Source: Local 12

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